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Consultation for new patients usually takes 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the nature and complexity of the medical issue or imbalance in TCM terms.

During the consultation series of very detailed questions will be asked. They include current and past medical history, allergies, childhood illness, and family history of major illness etc. Being a holistic medicine, your practitioner will also ask you questions about your diet, lifestyle, sleeping pattern, stress level and emotional issues etc.

Some useful points to remember for new patients:

  • Allow ample time to fill in the new patient form and discuss your medical issues with your practitioner.
  • Do not wear makeup if possible as it would mask your true complexion.
  • Do not brush your tongue (regular teeth brushing is fine). Tongue examination is one of the tools your practitioner would use to access your health condition.
  • Do not drink coffee within 2 hours prior to your appointment as coffee is a stimulant and can alter your pulse rate.
  • Bring a list of medications that you are currently on.
  • Bring medical reports and images.