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Lifestyle and Dietary Advice

TCM practitioner taking pulse of patient

At the end of each treatment session our practitioner will give you advice in the following areas.

Diet - our practitioner will tell you which food is beneficial for you and which ones to avoid as food have different energy properties. Different colour of food relate or correspond to different organs of our body and can enter different meridians. Certain foods have medicinal values that can be consumed to aid recovery.

Exercise - Certain exercise are specifically tailored to improve musculoskeletal conditions, other exercise such as breathing techniques can be practised to help with memory and concentration, insomnia and stress reduction. 

Lifestyle - advice may include how to live seasonally, eat and cook according to the season; importance of having proper meals, especially the breakfast; ensure the body gets enough rest and sleep; taking up a gentle form of exercise routine such as Tai Chi to promote the movement of qi and blood.