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Herbal Medicine (granulated)

herbs used in chinese medicine

Chinese Herbal medicine can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. It is often prescribed in conjunction with acupuncture treatment to enhance and maximize the therapeutic outcome. 

Our practitioners will prescribe and prepare a course of TCM Herbal medicine in a granulated formula according to each patients conditions and individual needs. Patient’s formula may be adjusted or modified during the recovery period, as the symptoms may change or the conditions become less severe, until the desired health outcome is achieved.

At Equilibrium we choose to use concentrated herbal granules as our main source of Chinese Herbal Medicine. This has many advantages over raw herbs or herbal decoction. Herbal granules easily dissolve in water so it’s convenient, takes far less time to prepare, is easy to carry around and easy to consume and digest. Herbal Granules has the same therapeutic efficacy as raw herbs and most importantly it is safe.

At Equlibirum TCM, we use KoDa Pharmaceutical products as first preference for our granulated herbal medicine prescriptions. KoDa products are amongst the most respected and reputable in the industry. We choose these products as they are sourced using strict source management systems to ensure the farmers who are supplying the raw products are abiding by the agreement of the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). 

Additional requirements for being a supplier to KoDa is to regularly test water and soil quality, plus plant testing to ensure the quality of the raw products.